Fictional Friday:The App at the Heart of Tony Stark

tony stark iron man app

Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, has to contend with some serious medical problems. His hard partying lifestyle, combined with his heart condition, means he’s got to really keep an eye on his health.

Sure, he’s got JARVIS to watch over him electronically, but when he’s out and about, he needs something a little more subtle.

alivecor ios app

That’s where the AliveCor Heart Monitor comes in handy.

The AliveCor Heart Monitor is a case within which you can set your iPhone. The FDA-approved app then measures your heart beat (exactly like a monitor in a hospital would) through the electric conduction via your fingertips, showing you a real-time graph of your heartbeats per minute.

It’s also a convenient (and more subtle) way to do a personal systems check, without having to step into a 240 pound iron exoskeleton…

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