Fictional Friday: Walter White’s Second Phone


For someone with so many problems, it’s surprising that Walter White (from Breaking Bad) doesn’t take advantage of current technology. He’s more of a do-it-yourself, solve-it-with-SCIENCE kind of guy. But sometimes, there’s no amount of sitting at a pool and contemplating an imminent fate that can get him out of a sticky situation.

Plus, it’s long past time (and Walter can easily afford) to upgrade one of his two cellphones to a smartphone.


Once he does that, Mint would be the best solution for managing his money (and the one likely recommended by Saul). But since all of Walt’s income is declared through the car wash, it is quickly getting to the point where it’s unrealistic to launder all of his money. It’s probably time to buy some more car washes and start a chain…

Also, along with encrypting and password-protecting his device, he’s probably going to need a little more physical protection than a neoprene case…


Fortunately, the Marudai Corporation has the answer — a bulletproof iPhone case. I’m certain there will be a situation when a bulletproof *anything* will come in handy, and it comes with the added benefit of possibly protecting the data on his phone.

(Click here to see the Marudai bulletproof iPhone case in action, and skip to 1:24 to see the case take on a 50 caliber bullet…)

And when Walter isn’t around, his cohort Jesse always needs some extra help with the science part of the equation. That’s why Walt is backing a kickstarter campaign for some augmented reality blocks (the Elements 4D Interactive Blocks). These blocks show different chemical elements, and when combined, show what the resulting compound would be. It’s a perfect gift for Jesse, a quick way for him to envision the results of a combination of chemicals…


Or as Jesse would say, “Yeah! Chemistry, bitch!”

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