Fictional Friday: Spider-Man’s most used app


Switching universes from DC to Marvel, let’s imagine how Spider-Man would use his iPhone…

I would expect him to still be using his iPhone 4 (because he’s still under contract, and he can’t afford to upgrade). He’d probably also wait for one more product cycle (the iPhone 5S?) since he’s waited this long anyway.

His biggest pain point is his income (as Peter Parker), and he is constantly harangued by J. Jonah Jameson for taking terrible shots of Spider-Man fighting villains. Of course, this is because he webs his camera to a corner and sets it on auto, and then hopes for the best. He likely spends hours going through footage trying to find a usable shot (as opposed to a shot of an empty scene with a blurry hand or foot).


Fortunately, Peter discovered ProCam. The ProCam app is yet-another-camera-app, with a number of pro features, as well as two specific features that would be perfect for the non-traditional use case of “webbing a camera to a wall”:

Sound snap and Face Detection with auto-shooting.

Sound snap allows you to make a sound, which will take a photo. Since Spider-Man is always making with the snappy patter, that should be a…snap.

However, face detection with auto-shooting will be perfect for making sure the camera can decide when a good shot is available, by taking a photograph as soon as a discernable face is found. ProCam continues to take photographs (about one every 1/4 second) when a face is in frame.

This should go a long way to helping Peter get better shots — and finally afford that new iPhone!

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