Fictional Friday: peeking at Superman’s phone


If superheroes (or supervillains) had mobile phones, what apps would they use?

The first thing that pops into my head when I think of Superman is kryptonite — his biggest weakness. Normally, I wouldn’t assume that a person would have an app for the thing they fear the most, or else there would be a huge market in apps about snakes, spiders, sharks, and earthquakes… However, it seems that on a daily or weekly basis, Superman has to deal with someone who has somehow acquired a shard of kryptonite.

You can bet that if I was in constant near-miss car collisions, the esurance app would be the most accessed app on my phone. That, or the local bus schedules.

The Elements iOS

So, since he pretty much has to deal with kryptonite constantly, I’d imagine that his most accessed app is The Elements. He’d use it as a constant reference to not only read up on his Achilles heel, but to sort out (and keep track of) all of the different variations.


Another thing Superman is constantly doing is exploring his past to learn where he came from. It’s likely that Skyview is another dog-eared app on his phone. He would use it to always keep the direction toward Krypton in his mind and heart.

What other apps do you think Superman would use?

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