Fictional Friday: An App For Wonder Woman


No matter how much on her “A game” she is, Diana Prince still has to juggle a lot in her private life as well as her life as Wonder Woman. In a world where so many things are vying for our attention, it’s easy to lose track of the small details.

Such as the common problem of…”now where did I park?”

Add the complication of an Invisible Plane, and it gets even trickier.

(Personally, I’ve misplaced an SUV sized vehicle about 300 feet from a Target entrance, and had to walk up and down rows while pressing the Lock button on my remote.)


That’s why Diana has an extra iPhone on her Verizon account, which she always leaves in the plane. If she’s in a hurry and lands it somewhere, and then gets picked up (say, by Superman) to fight some interstellar bad guy, she’s still able to trace her steps back at the end of the day by using Find My iPhone.

Basically, she uses it as “Find My Invisible Plane”. Apparently, there is an App for that.

As always, another uncommon use for a commonly used app!

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