Fictional Friday: an App for Cobra Commander


It’s not just superheroes that use iPhone apps.

One villain that consistently hits obstacles to his plans for world domination is Cobra Commander. No matter what he plans, he is always out-strategized and out-thought by the G.I. Joes.

Desperate to improve his skills for machination, Cobra Commander needed a way to test different strategies against multiple opponents in order to truly stress-test his skills and improve the chances of his schemes.


To do this, he turned to Strategery. Strategery is a game similar to Risk, where you have territories that you have to defend, while also reaching out into new territories or attacking neighboring ones.

He started out playing single player games, but after mastering those realized he needed a real challenge to hone his skills. He found like-minded (and highly competitive) players, and began to challenge them (as well as play multiple games at the same time, to practice fighting on multiple fronts).

Unfortunately, he keeps getting demolished by some guy named @GeneralHawk


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