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jeffreality.com is a blog about thoughts and ideas related to the design and development of mobile applications. The primary focus of this blog is ideas and concepts, as well as the design (information architecture, wireframes, user profiles, usage scenarios, etc.) for those ideas. If you are looking for technical/code development (specifically iOS/Objective C/PHP/MySQL), check out my other blog at pushplay.net.

who is jeffrey?

jeffrey at work


I have been a “new media” developer since the mid-90’s, starting out building CD-ROMs and kiosks, moving to web sites and content management systems, and eventually evolving to mobile applications. In creating those types of projects, I have worked as a project manager, an information architect, a designer, and a developer (but usually only in one role for a particular project).

My specialty is front-end interfaces and interactivity, although I do get my hands dirty on some server-side development (particularly PHP and MySQL).

I am currently VP of Technology for a mobile app development company in Fountain Valley, California called MEDL Mobile — which is currently traded on the OTC boards as symbol: MEDL.

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